Rose St Quarter Update

Stay informed with our latest construction updates.

18 June 2024
April & May Construction Update
  • Slab of ground complete and concrete columns erected.
  • The main car park ramp was poured.
  • Basement to GR core walls poured.
  • Basement to GR stairs poured.
  • Ground Pour 1 poured.
30% completed
8 April 2024
March Construction Update
  • Retention & Bulk Excavation complete.
  • Structure Contractor commenced.
  • Lower Raft Pour commenced.
  • Upper Raft & Wall Pour commenced.
  • Pad Pour commenced.
  • Crane Erection commenced.
  • Building Permit 02 issued.
15.8% completed
29 February 2024
February Construction Update
  • Retention piling completed.
  • Capping beam completed.
  • Ground anchors completed
  • Bulk excavation is 50% complete
  • Basement walls shotcrete 30-40% complete
12% completed
31 January 2024
January Construction Update
  • Excavation of the basement has commenced.
  • Removal of excess soil off-site.
  • Pile drilling installation.
  • Capping beam installation.
8.24% completed
1 December 2023
December Construction Update

Since the appointment of Hamilton Marino, we have been working closely with them having recently completed the Construction Management Plan with Council, Protection Works Notices, with Building Permit 1 received on 30 November 2023.

Onsite work completed in November includes:

  • Title boundary and site checks established.
  • Site strip – removal of existing vegetation and clearance.
  • Site preparation of access and egress.
  • Establishment of site fencing and removal of existing posts/retaining walls.
  • Set-out and grid control established.
  • Removal of approx. 1500 sq.m topsoil and fill material.
  • Temporary power was established at the site.
  • Preparation of piling platform.
1 November 2023
November Construction Update

We are excited to announce that Hamilton Marino has been appointed as the builder for Rose St. Quarter. The site work is scheduled to commence in early November.